Ordering Guide

Hello! Welcome to the Iorio's Gelato Wholesale Ordering Guide! Sit back and relax as we guide you through your Iorio's ordering experience. 

Below, there will be some general ordering steps and guides for all wholesale customers followed by some specific instructs personalized for YOU! :-) 

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at ciao@ioriosgelato.com or call our wholesale line at 734-399-4844 ext. 6

Step 1: Click the Log in Link in the top left

Step 2: Use your email and password to sign in. If you have forgotten your password, click the link "Forgot your password?" You will be guided through the steps to reset your password. If you have forgotten the email you used to sign up, please email production@ioriosgelato.com or call 734-399-4844 ext. 6 for help.

Step 3: Main Page - You now are able to start adding your products. On the left (red) you will see the categories that have been activated specific for your account. In the blue, you have some shortcuts to a few different tasks. Click on the categories to search through products.

Step 4: When inside a category, you will see a list of the products available in that category. If you are a TRAY customer, you will only see the TRAY option. If you are a 2GAL bucket customer, you will only see 2GAL. If you regularly purchase both, both options will be available in alphabetical order. If you wish to order a product that is not listed in your order guide, either leave it in the notes section or email production@ioriosgelato.com.

Step 5: Before moving on to the next category, be sure to click the "Add the Cart" link at the bottom of the order form. If you do not click this button before moving on, you will lose all the hard work of putting your category order in :(

Step 6: Once you are finished adding all the products to your order, go to your shopping cart (link top right). Double check that your order is correct, and click the "Check Out" button highlighted in the red box.

Step 7: Your address should be saved, but double check that it is correct. Click "Continue"

Step 8: You will notice that it appears that your order is free. Unfortunately, it is not :( Because we invoice our customers and you each have your own payment terms, we do all of our billing through QuickBooks. You will receive and invoice both in your email and when the product is dropped off during delivery. Click "Complete Order"

Woohoo you made it! If you have any other questions, please email production@ioriosgelato.com or call 734-399-4844 ext. 6. Please let us know if you would like to set up a virtual training.